Undergraduate Course Requirements

Students must complete the core course and additional required courses described below and one concentration.

Hours Core Courses
  Minimum of 30 hours of Religion courses including:
3 Phil 230 – Philosophy of Religion (same as RLST 230), or RLST 231 – Religion and Philosophy
12 Distribution Requirement: Courses taken must include:
  1. Two courses in the following: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or religions practices of the ancient Near East, chosen from a list of courses maintained in the departmental adviser’s office and

  2. Two courses in the following: Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese and Japanese Religions, or indigenous American religious practices, chosen from a list maintained in the departmental adviser’s office.

9 Three courses in a primary area of study (listed below)
6 Two courses in a secondary area of study (listed below)
3 Capstone Experience: a 400-level RLST course in which a research project is undertaken and a 20 page research paper is written. This course can be RLST 493 and can also fulfill the distribution or primary or secondary area of study requirement.