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Two events on Jainism soon at the University of Illinois.

March 5, 7 PM CST: watch the original short films that Harsha Vinay created for the recent “Being Jain” Exhibition at the Rietberg Museum, Zurich. The screening will be followed by a conversation with the film director, who will share some anecdotes and some behind-the-scenes images of his fieldwork. Register here:

March 7 4 PM CST: a roundtable discussion on different aspects of Jainism discussed in the films. With: Anna Tosato (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Aleksandra Restifo (Florida International University), Gregory Clines (Trinity University), Miki Chase, (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Register here:

Organizers: Jonathan Ebel, Anna Tosato.

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More Events

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REL 199 - Becoming Martin and Malcolm (Spring 2024, T/TH 3:30-4:50 PM)

This course re-examines the lives and legacies of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

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REL 335 - Religion in Contemporary America (Spring 2024, T/TH 11:00-12:20)

Examines the religious dynamics of the twenty-first century United States.

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REL 511 - Crime, Punishment, and Redemption in America (Spring 2024 Mondays 3-5:30)

The criminal-penal system in the United States is a complex web of mutually rein-forcing institutions, practices, & moral val-ues. This course focuses on the religious concepts that have informed our moral imaginations, which in turn, inform the so-cial practices we enact and the institutions we build & maintain.

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REL 416 - World of the Rabbis (Fall 2023 W 3:00-5:30)

This seminar course, taught by Dov Weiss, will familiarize students with the foundational texts of Judaism – the Midrash and Talmud (3rd c. -8th c. C.E.).

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