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Career Paths in Department of Religion

Business Areas

As an academic major in the humanities, the study of religion is like a history or English major; it imposes no limitations. But it also lends its own particular strengths to a number of different career choices. As multi-national corporations become involved in ever more areas of the globe, so does their need for the understand and appreciate cultural diversity that comes from a Religious Studies degree.

Education areas

For many undergraduates, the noblest career choice turns out to be teaching. A religion major is an excellent foundation for teaching high school (or for pursuing graduate work in education on the way to a teaching job) in a number of different areas, including social studies, history, or English. Religion itself is part of the curriculum in many sectarian or private high schools; many teaching jobs are immediately available to talented religion majors in these settings. For many undergraduates, the noblest career choice turns out to be teaching. A religion major is an excellent foundation...

International Areas

Many jobs with international impact can benefit from the cultural literacy and analytical skills learned while earning a degree in Religious Studies.  Many international orgnizations value the historical and contemporary context of religions and cultures that one learns in a religious studies program.  Some potential employers include: Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as Amnesty International and Oxfam Federal government agencies with an international focus such as Peace Corps, USAID, and the State Department United Nations Private voluntary organizations Think...

Religious Professions

Another significant option for students of religion is a career in a profession that is directly related to a community of faith. In non-sectarian institutions, the study of religion is academic and not confessional, but it can provide an excellent basis for going on to specific training to be the leader of a religious community or one of its professional members. Some professional positions within a religious community may be available to a religion major straight out of college, but most require graduate training at a seminary or theological school. In these institutions, which are usually...