Requirements for the Master of Arts in Religion

  • 32 credit hours of graduate course work (total) at the 400 or 500 level. 
  • 12 hours (three courses) must be at the 500-level
  • REL 510 (Introduction to Graduate Studies in Religion)
  • Primary field of study (must be established in consultation with Director of Graduate Studies; minimum of two courses in primary area of study)
  • Students must meet the foreign language requirement (reading proficiency in a foreign language relevant to the student's field of study)
  • M.A. thesis or two revised seminar papers (students writing M.A. thesis may register for up to 8 hours of M.A. thesis credit)
  • M.A. examination (based on course work and research)
  • 24 of the 32 required credit hours must be in, or cross-listed with, the Religion department

Requirements for the Graduate Minor in Religion

The graduate minor in Religion is designed for graduate or professional students in other disciplines who desire to complement their degree program with a study of Religion. The Minor will consist of any coherent set of at least 12 graduate hours of courses that is approved by the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Religion.  It will include at least one graduate seminar in the Department of Religion.  The successful completion of a minor is noted on the student’s transcript.  For admission to the program contact the department.

  • 4 credit hours of any graduate seminar in Religion
  • 8 credit hours of graduate electives in Religion at the 400 level or above
  • In addition to the minor requirements, students must also complete the requirements of their major degree. The major department determines which and how many minor hours may also be applied to the major degree. Please contact your department for more information.